Ask me anything...

If you must date musicians and actors, remember that they're for Christmas, not for life'.

What order did you write the books in?

  • Divas
  • Bad Girls
  • Bad Sisters
  • Killer Heels
  • Bad Angels
  • Killer Queens
  • Bad Brides
  • Mile High
  • Killer Diamonds
  • Killer Affair
  • Bad Twins

Are your books part of a series?

No, they're all what we call 'standalones', which means they're not a series or connected to each other. However, if you read them in the order they were written, you'll find sneaky little references to characters from previous books who were fan favourites, particularly loved by readers. I like to drop those in as presents to fans of my books and it's fun for me too to let people see what they're up to.

Why do you describe the books as 'glamorous thrillers'?

I used to call them 'bonkbusters', a word I love, but I switched publishers and my new editor announced that we were calling them 'glamorous thrillers' from now on. His view is that 'bonkbusters' makes them sound as if they're all about sex, whereas the new name reflects both the luxurious locations and the thriller plots that have always been a core part of the books.

How did you start writing them?

I wrote seven crime novels, three chick-lit novels, a non-fiction guide called 'Jane Austen's Guide To Dating', and six Young Adult novels under the name Lauren Henderson before publishing as Rebecca Chance. But in crime novels you can't write sex, and in chick-lit novels you can't have crime, and I wanted to combine the two with the comic scenes I'd always loved writing in both genres - plus adding a lot of celebrity social satire!

Why do you publish these books under the name Rebecca Chance?

Having written all these different books in different genres, the editor who bought DIVAS said that I should use a new author name to signal that this was a new kind of book for me. This is very common in publishing - many of my writer friends use different author names to make it easier for the reader to know what kind of book they're buying. It's purely for branding: if you buy a Rebecca Chance book you know you're getting a glamorous thriller with a strong mystery or suspense plot with plenty of fabulous locations, gorgeous heroes and heroines and lashings of often-naughty sex scenes.

Where can I buy your books?

They all have 'Buy' buttons on their pages on my website - just click on those! And thanks in advance if you do buy one! Do you run competitions to win signed books? Yes - if you 'like' my Facebook Rebecca Chance Books page, and follow me on Twitter as @msrebeccachance, you'll see that there are frequent competitions to win books, and sometimes bottles of champagne when I'm feeling very generous!

Can I get my own copy signed?

If you message me on FB or Twitter to ask, you can send me an SAE and I will post you back a signed bookplate.