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Bad Brides - Female First Interview - Wednesday March 26, 2014

What can you tell us about your new book Bad Brides? It's a really fun and sexy romp about the long winding walk to the altar! Two girls get engaged at the start of the book and promptly find themselves the frontrunners in a battle to be Style magazine's Bride Of The Year – hugely prestigious and glamorous. One, Brianna Jade, is an ex beauty-pageant contestant marrying an Earl, the other, Milly, is an up and coming actress engaged to a pop star. As they plan their weddings and compete to impress the editor of Style Bride, their lives get increasingly tangled together, and the façades of their seemingly-perfect lives begin to crumble…

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Daily Record Book Club – Author Questions - Wednesday March 26, 2014

What were your favourite books as a child and why? I remember the Sue Barton, Student Nurse series with great fondness, partly because it drove my snobbish mother crazy when she saw me reading them! And I loved the Roger Lancelyn Green collections of myths and legends retold for children – Norse, Greek, Egyptian – and the Andrew Lang fairytale collections. They made me feel that anything was possible, and there were worlds upon worlds waiting to be explored.

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I’m not size zero, nowhere near, and I never will be. But I’m pretty much in the middle of the spectrum: when I got engaged I was a healthy size 12, fit and happy. Sounds great, right? But here’s the catch: I was living in New York, where anything over a size 8 is ‘problematic’, to the point that I was regularly warned by female acquaintances that I’d have real trouble getting a man unless I dropped two dress sizes.

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