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Lovely Chancers,

From now on I will be blogging AT LEAST on a weekly basis, I promise! Finally, I've delivered the edits and copy-edits of MILE HIGH, and am settling down to write next year's summer book, SNOW AND ICE. I've got a sensible deadline (without a crazy trip to Venice on the Orient Express for a New York Times piece in the middle, as I had for MILE HIGH) and can start happily chatting here about the day to day life of being a writer, my progress through the new book and anything else that comes to mind.

I also plan to be vlogging every week or so as well, so do look out for that!

And as you can see, I started SNOW AND ICE today. A thousand words today - it's already zooming along. Only 129,000 to go...

Many kisses to all of you -


xxSnow and Ice opening page

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